Nuneaton Town FC defends recruitment of new managers including ex Boro legend

Nuneaton Town FC has defended the recruitment of its new joint managers. The newly formed club revealed, on May 18, that Darren Acton and Russell Dodd would be the joint first team managers.

Acton is well known among the Boro faithful having played 347 in goal for the club between 2003 and 2010, including the famed FA Cup ties against Middlesbrough. Dodd also comes from a local footballing background and he and Action worked together as the management team at Coventry United.

But there has been some disquiet aired on social media platforms regarding the recruitment process. It comes after it was revealed that they were not the chosen choice of a sub-group set up specifically as part of the recruitment process.

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The sub-group sifted through the applications and got them down to the final five before picking their chosen candidate. This was then put forward to the board.

But it has been claimed that the board made a U-turn on the group's recommendation, and chose Acton and Dodd, who had not been part of the original application process. The club has today (May 21) issued a statement in regards to why the decision was taken not to go with the recommendation of the sub committee.

In it, it says that the board have been 'saddened' by the situation. "The board of Nuneaton Town FC has been saddened to read the recent inaccurate comments made in the public domain over the weekend regarding the manager recruitment processes," the statement reads.

"A great deal of work was put into the recruitment process by the subgroup for which everyone is extremely grateful. The final decision on any appointment was always going to be made by the club board.

"The remit of the football subgroup was to provide a recommended candidate to the board for the managerial vacancy. This was clearly documented in the Football Subgroup Terms of Reference.

"It was subsequently decided that the football subgroup's candidate would be interviewed by the board and a final decision made. This decision was included in board minutes on the 10th of April and the 1st of May.

"The board decided not to appoint the recommended candidate from the subgroup's process for legitimate reasons that cannot be made public due to confidentiality. The board subsequently received an additional joint application, and they were both interviewed.

"The board are pleased that Darren Acton and Russell Dodd have agreed to become Nuneaton Town joint managers for the coming season and we are heartened by the overwhelmingly positive response that they have received from supporters.

"The steering group has worked extremely hard and at pace to revive our club. Under such circumstances miscommunication and disagreements can occur. It is sad that there has been a disagreement over this matter, but we hope that the support and good working relationships that have been developed in the last few months can be restored. Everyone involved cares deeply about football in Nuneaton and with our place in the league now confirmed we all look forward to the new season ahead.

"Please note that we will not be making any further comment on this matter."

The news comes as the club prepares for its debut season as the newly formed Nuneaton Town FC after the old 'Boro collapsed at the end of last year . For the first two seasons, the team will play at The Oval, the home of Bedworth United FC. There are options being explored to look at a more permanent home, potentially in Nuneaton.

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