'This Is Nuts': Tornado Causes Widespread Damage in Mullica Hill, New Jersey

A tornado ripped through Mullica Hill, New Jersey, on September 1, destroying several homes in the area, uprooting trees, and downing power lines.

This video was taken by Shane Martrich, a meteorology student at Millersville University, who chased the tornado with four other friends from northeastern Maryland to southern New Jersey.

In the video, Martrich and his friends walk around a housing development to inspect the damage, which included leveled homes, downed trees, and snapped power lines. “This is nuts,” one of them comments. At one point, they meet a high school student who tells them how he narrowly escaped a power line falling on top of his car.

Harrison Township Mayor Louis Manzo said around 100 homes in total were damaged during the severe weather event.

The National Weather Service called the Mullica Hill tornado “very impressive,” adding that it “lofted debris thousands of feet into the air.”

Dozens of people died due to Wednesday’s severe weather in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York, according to media reports. Credit: Shane Martrich via Storyful

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