Octopus Energy giving out 'two freebies per customer' until 'we run out'

Octopus Energy has announced freebies for customers who take part in its cost-saving sessions. Octopus says it is giving out two for £10 cinema tickets at Odeon offered as part of Octoplus Rewards, and customers can now claim up to two free child cinema tickets per week.

Up to 100,000 tickets have been made available since the perk launched in June, and two tickets will be handed out per Octoplus customer per week until tickets run out. Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, chief product officer at Octopus Energy, told Express.co.uk: “Octoplus offers our savviest customers brilliant prizes, fun merchandise and rewards through trusted partners. We’re delighted to add free kids’ cinema tickets to the list, offering our customers a fun day out for the whole family.

"It’s never been a better time to sign up to Octoplus and benefit from these great perks.” Octopus - which is rivalled by the likes of British Gas, EDF, EON Next, OVO and Scottish Power - rolled out the new Octoplus rewards scheme back in October.

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At the time, it said: "Octoplus is a super unique rewards scheme that takes advantage of the half hourly pricing of electricity which changes depending on whether the grid is under pressure (lots of people using energy at once) or when the grid is benefiting from lots of renewable energy meaning electricity is super cheap!

"To benefit from Octoplus we need customers to have their electricity supplied by Octopus, have an electricity smart meter (which sends us Half Hourly readings) and pay by Direct Debit. Octoplus is also available to business customers who match these criteria, and will also be available to smart prepayment customers.

"Gas only customers can’t take part, as the Saving Sessions and Free electricity sessions are electricity based activities. If you're not eligible you won't see Octoplus in your online account but we will slowly be adding information on how to become eligible in your account."