ODA to spray for Spongy Moth in Auglaize, Hardin counties

Apr. 30—WAPAKONETA — The Ohio Department of Agriculture announced it will soon begin aerial treatments to control the population of the invasive Spongy Moth, formerly known as the Gypsy Moth. Treatments will take place in nine counties, including Auglaize and Hardin counties.

Auglaize County is scheduled to receive two aerial treatments in June, while Hardin County will receive three that same month. The treatment will be delivered by a low-flying yellow aircraft flying approximately 100 feet above the treetops.

The treatment will use the product SPLAT GM-O, which does not kill the moths but instead disrupts the mating process by confusing the male as it searches for a mate. The product is organic, biodegradable and harmless to people and animals, the department said in a release. Anyone coming in contact with the treatment can wash it off with soap and water, and clothing can be cleaned with hot water and laundry detergent.

For more information on this process, call 614-728-6400.