Why Saturday November 9 marks an occasion you won't see again this CENTURY

It's one of just five 'odd dates' this century - and the next one isn't for another 92 years

The rare date will not be repeated again this century. (Rex)

It may be a run-of-the-mill Saturday to most of us, but November 9 marks an occasion many will not see again in their lifetime.

Today, 9/11/13, is the last time this century that three ascending consecutive odd numbers make up the date.

The odd date is the first in over two years - and for most of us it'll be the last one we ever experience, as the next one is in 2105.

The 'Odd Day' has to be made of three odd numbers which come in ascending order, upwards from one.

Today's date, 9/11/13, follows previous 'Odd Days' on September 7, 2011 (7/9/11), July 5, 2009 and May 3, 2007. The rare sequence only happens five times a century.

Many people will not hold much significance to the numbers in the date, but a 'cult of oddness' has been created around the calendar rarities which Britons have been urged to celebrate.

Ron Gordon, from California, is one of those people - he's planning 'odd celebrations' to mark the day, and wants others to join him.

He said: 'As Odd as it is, the 9th of November brings a glorious day we will always remember. This won’t happen again for 92 years.

'It’s a great day to do your odds ‘n ends, give a friend a high-five, root for the odds-on-favorite, read the Wizard of Odds, watch the Odd Couple, say aaaahd in the doctor's office, look for sea odders, find that missing odd sock, and beat the odds.'

Mr Gordon has also pledged to pay $911.13 to the person who marks Saturday's odd date with the most style.