Odds Are Out For Who Could Be The Next Bond Girl, And I'm Really Digging Sydney Sweeney's Chances

 Sydney Sweeney stands smiling in a brown dress in Anyone But You.
Sydney Sweeney stands smiling in a brown dress in Anyone But You.

Thanks to recent rumors surrounding the James Bond movies once again favouring Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the next potential 007, the race is apparently on to fill all of the other important roles that Bond 26 could possibly need. At least, that’s what the betting odds would tell us, as there’s been a huge flurry of numbers coming in for other Bond roles, including the entire MI6 family.

Perhaps the biggest news is the fact that the odds for the next Bond Girl have also sparked up, and Immaculate star Sydney Sweeney’s odds are pretty envious. Looking at her recent career output, it's no secret why; but her chances are even more impressive considering the rumored competition.

Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate
Sydney Sweeney in Immaculate

Where Sydney Sweeney Sits In The James Bond Girl Odds Race

Now we’re naturally keeping in mind the fact that Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s hypothetical James Bond casting is still, very much, a gigantic rumor. No official announcements have been made, but with his hypothetical casting in everyone’s minds, odds provider Instant Casinos sent out a press release that ran the numbers on quite a few fields in the 007 cast.

As you’ll see below, Sydney Sweeney is the leader of the pack to play the next female lead of the James Bond series. But what’s even more interesting is how the rest of the field shaking out, as the rest of the listed competition is made up of some absolutely winning prospects:

  • Sydney Sweeney 5/2

  • Jenna Ortega 11/2

  • Lily Collins / Millie Bobby Brown - 13/2

  • Zoey Deutch 8/1

  • Zoë Kravitz 9/1

  • Anya Taylor-Joy / Hailee Steinfield / Jodie Comer / Joey King / Zendaya - 14/1

  • Emma Watson / Florence Pugh - 16/1

Before we talk about Ms. Sweeney’s merits as a Bond Girl (or Bond Woman depending on which nomenclature you’re more comfortable with) let’s look at the rest of this field! Which, as you can see, is quite a competition to behold.

One thing that sticks out to me is the fact that at least three leading ladies from upcoming Warner Bros. movies are in the running. The coincidence becomes even more curious when you take into account that Zendaya, Florence Pugh, and Anya Taylor-Joy aren’t just proverbial lot mates for that studio, but they’re also members of the Dune: Part Two cast.

Add in the fact that Beetlejuice Beetlejuice star Jenna Ortega and The Batman alum Zoë Kravitz are also on this list, and Warner Bros.’ future international distribution of James Bond movies seems like an even sweeter deal. The only problem is that this is the rumored casting for Bond 26, and that film’s non-US rollout still falls under Universal Pictures, per the deal made to shuttle No Time To Die to the rest of the world.

Sydney Sweeney in Madame Web
Sydney Sweeney in Madame Web

Why Sydney Sweeney Is The Head Of The Pack For 007’s Next Female Lead

Taking into account names like Emily in Paris’ Lily Collins, as well as Emma Watson and Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown also being on this list, it would look like a tough field to crack. But I can totally see why Sydney Sweeney is in the lead, and just might stay there. And no, it's not simply because she'd potentially be sharing the screen with fellow Sony Spider-Man Universe alum/Kraven the Hunter star Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

For starters, her star power is burning pretty bright at the moment, thanks to the surprise success of Anyone But You in theaters. Theatrical draws are always key when it comes to the James Bond franchise, and Sweeney’s rising star has continued to shine thanks to Immaculate’s solid box office numbers this past weekend.

Also, and rather importantly, Sydney Sweeney’s audience skewers younger than the traditional James Bond audience. While her alluring beauty and action chops should be enough to bring in the faithful fans, Ms. Sweeney’s own fan base might consider following her to the movies when Bond 26 opens, provided she does land the female lead.

Several key factors play in the Madame Web star’s favor, but all of this could change at a moment’s notice. Until official announcements are made by EON Productions, we’re not even sure if Bond 26 will still be getting underway as originally planned, as previous remarks from producer Barbara Broccoli had the picture slated to start shooting this year. So for now, Sydney Sweeney fans will have to settle for catching her in Anyone But You, which will be streaming for those who have a Netflix subscription, starting on April 23rd.