‘The Office’ Cast Reunites for Shenanigans as Rainn Wilson Sells a Pillow | Video

Rainn Wilson enlisted some of his “The Office” castmates to help him sell a pillow in a new AT&T ad.

Jenna Fischer, who played secretary Pam in the U.S. version of the sit com, films Wilson, who portrayed Dwight in the series, promoting his new product in various ways.

“For years, my voice has been putting people to sleep,” Wilson says as he walks through the setup they have for launching the website for the pillow, which has a speaker in it that plays his voice to help people sleep. “My mom, my wife, my therapist, so I decided to cash in. Tomorrow, International Sleep Day, at 10 a.m., we launch my product into the world.”

Craig Robinson, who played Darryl Philbin in “The Office,” checks in on Wilson as he tests out his pillow before the big launch.

“It’s a pillow with a speaker in it!” he summarizes for Wilson.

Wilson gets stressed when he arrives at their office space, where boxes of the pillows await him, and he demands Craig or Jenna to call the distribution center, but Jenna responds with “That’s not in my job description!”

Fischer’s new title is social media manager. Robinson does cybersecurity. Flannery’s “just here for the Internets” and she comments on the speed and reliability of the AT&T network while downloading 60 episodes of a true crime show to watch.

In an extended version of the television ad, Creed pops up as the intern in a dark room watching the chaos unfold. It is unclear what Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin, does besides look out for his pug Peaches.

Robinson takes one for the team to bust into a locked office, with plenty of pillows strapped to his body so that Wilson can launch the site. He immediately makes a pillow sale, and all is well.

Watch the extended advertisement below:

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