The Office star Lucy Davis turned down an audition looking to cast actress ‘just like Dawn’ despite playing Dawn

Lucy Davis has revealed she was turned down for a role despite being told by casting directors they wanted an actor “just like” the character she played in The Office.

Davis played the role of Dawn Tinsley in Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's BBC sitcom across its two six-episode series, which first aired in July 2001, and two Christmas specials.

The actor, who appeared opposite Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman as her best friend Etta Candy, shared the anecdote as part of the ShareYourRejection hashtag currently doing the rounds on Twitter.

“Years ago I auditioned for a commercial in the UK,” she tweeted. “It was only when I got to the audition that I was told that they wanted an actress ‘just like Dawn from The Office‘. I felt pretty awkward, but even more so when I DIDN’T GET THE ROLE.”

Filmmaker Edgar Wright posted a similar experience to Davis’, revealing he lost out the opportunity to direct a TV commercial to be “done in the style of Spaced” despite being Spaced‘s actual director.

Davis, who has also starred in the US shows Maron and Better Things, can next be seen playing the role of Hilda Spellman in Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina which will begin this October.

She recently poured water on rumours of an Office reunion, telling Radio Times she rarely sees her former co-stars, including Martin Freeman and Mackenzie Crook.

"If I ever saw any of them I’d be delighted,” she said. “We had a blast doing it but we all naturally fell apart, went our separate ways.”