'Oh dear, how sad' - What happened to class of 2019 as some will be more missed than others

Former Ynys Môn MP Virginia Crosbie
-Credit: (Image: Virginia Crosbie office)

The 2019 general election saw six new Tory faces voted in across North Wales in a seismic electoral result. They joined the one sitting MP, David Jones - with enough numbers to form their own little group at Parliament.

It was a very different story this time round. The spoiler alert is that they all lost.

But we look here at exactly how they fared and also how people responded, with some set to be more missed than others.

Rob Roberts

Rob Roberts MP
Former MP Rob Roberts -Credit:Ian Cooper/North Wales Live

Elected to Delyn with majority in 2019 of just under 900.

There are some on this list who can feel genuinely frustrated that their positive contribution since being elected has been undermined by the chaos at the top of the party - Rob Roberts is not one of those.

Regardless of the wider UK picture Mr Roberts was never going to be re-elected. He was suspended from the House of Commons in 2021 for sexually harassing a member of staff and only a loophole prevented a recall that would have likely seen him face a new by-election. Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg called on him to resign but he stayed on as an MP.

Mr Roberts sat as an independent and put himself forward as an indie candidate for the new seat of Clwyd East - asking people to judge him on his record as MP. They seemingly did and he came seventh out of seven candidates with 599 (1.3%) of the votes.

On person commented: "Former Tory has been shown the door with the lowest amount of votes. oh dear, how sad, never mind."

Sarah Atherton

Former Wrexham MP Sarah Atherton
Former Wrexham MP Sarah Atherton -Credit:Conservatives

Elected to Wrexham with a majority of over 2,000

This was a genuine shock from 2019 with Sarah Atherton the first Tory to ever win the seat as she rode in on a wave 'Get Brexit Done' voters.

Holding it was always going to be a challenge and there was always a feeling the former military veteran, nurse and keen Brexiteer never quite fitted in this normally Labour stronghold, where its favourite footballers were not known for their love of Tories.

In the last Parliament she was a member of the defence select committee in Parliament, and the only sitting female MP with a regular military background.

She stood again in 2024 and went from a 2,000 plus majority to losing the seat by more than 6,000 votes - impacted by a strong Reform showing.

Simon Baynes

Elected as MP for Clwyd South in 2019

Simon Baynes was elected with a majority of just over 1,200 last time out - beating the incumbent Susan Elan Jones.

The businessman, author and local councillor lost his seat before a vote was cast, one of the victims of the boundary changes that saw Wales lose eight of its 40 constituencies.

He managed to secure a place as candidate for North Shropshire. In 2019 it had a 23,000 strong Tory majority but the seat was then lost to the Lib Dems in a by-election in 2021 after Conservative Owen Paterson's resignation over a lobbying scandal.

Mr Baynes failed in his bid to win it back for the Conservatives - finishing more than 15,000 votes behind the Lib Dem winner.

Robin Millar

Elected as MP for Aberconwy in 2019 with a majority of around 2,000.

The Bangor-born businessman Robin Millar moved back to North Wales from Newbury after winning the seat last time out for the Conservatives.

He had served as parliamentary private secretary to the secretary of state for Scotland and the secretary of state for Wales but locally had been fairly low-key compared to the more active local Senedd MS Janet Finch-Saunders.

He stood this time in the newly formed Bangor and Aberconwy seat. This time he finished 5,000 behind the Labour winner and also third behind Plaid Cymru.

Dr James Davies

Simon Baynes
Simon Baynes

Elected to Vale of Clwyd in 2019 with a majority of almost 2,000 over Labour.

Dr James Davies had sparred with Labour's Chris Ruane for this seat over a number of years. Dr Davies took it in 2015 only to lose it again in Theresa May's snap election in 2017, before regaining it again.

He has been an active MP - pressing for more investment to North Wales, particularly focused on transport. The MP also helped bring levelling up cash to the area.

But his chances of being re-elected have been impacted by boundary changes and the wider backlash to the UK Government's performance in recent years.

He stood in the newly formed Clwyd East seat - coming in second behind Labour, and another Tory hurt by a swing to Reform, who took 7,600 votes in third.

Virginia Crosbie

Former Ynys Môn MP Virginia Crosbie
Former Aberconwy MP Robin Millar.

Elected to represent Ynys Mon in 2019 with majority of just shy of 2,000.

It was another of the surprise results of 2019 - particularly as she had been parachuted in late the day.

After being elected she was laser focused on the economy and jobs. She was particularly determined over Wylfa B - and if that plant ever does get built then she probably deserves a small plaque recognising her efforts.

The MP had the advantage of no boundary changes to the constituency but faced two other problems.

One was the wider UK woes faced by every Tory candidate but the second was the strength of the opposition. A weaker candidate than Plaid's Llinos Medi - already well known as council leader - and Ms Crosbie may well have retained the seat.

She ran Plaid close - with just over 600 votes fewer than the winning candidate, and managing to limit the drift to Reform in that seat. But it's a results business and like the other five she will now be looking for her next challenge.

As one person commented: "I don't think she did very much wrong, but we've had four successive dud Tory Prime Ministers. People have had enough."