Oh no. The Voice Winner Kevin Simm’s Single Has Failed To Make The Top 20

It’s only been a week since former Liberty X singer Kevin Simm became the latest winner of The Voice and he was seen celebrating on-screen.


So we’re really gutted, on is behalf, that his debut single - All You Good Friends - has failed to make much of an impact in the charts, going it at a rather disappointing no.24.

Luckily, Kev hasn’t been under any illusions that winning the show would instantly catapult him into fame and fortune.

He told The Sun earlier this week: “To be honest I think there’s less pressure on someone like myself because people expect so little from a Voice winner. So I think hopefully if it [goes] well it’ll be a nice surprise.”


Kevin made similar comments in an interview with Radio Times: “I know by winning The Voice it doesn’t make me a successful artist straight away.

He added: “Hopefully the single [All You Good Friends] charts well. That would be a brilliant start. Then the hard work begins getting my album together. That’s what I think will hopefully set me apart from other people. Not just people that have been on The Voice, but other people in the charts, I guess.”

Oh dear. But don’t worry, Kevin, only one winner of The Voice has managed to crack The Top Ten and that was last year’s winner, Stevie McCorie.


It sounds like Kev has kept a level head and won’t be too disappointed. “It’s really difficult to put your finger on why it hasn’t maybe worked in the past,” he said. “I think Stevie had considerable success with his stuff last year but I guess you can’t compare one person after the next. Everyone’s been very different.

“I know there’s no guarantees that it will work or I’ll be a huge artist, but I’m going to try my best to make that happen.”

Let’s hope his album does a little bit better for him.