Oklahoma Cops Announce 'Feline Division' to Replace K-9s in April Fool's Prank

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office played an April Fool’s Day prank by announcing on April 1 they would replace all their police dogs with cats.

In a video posted by their Facebook page, Staff Sergeant Bradley Wynn announced a new feline division would replace the current K-9 division, while holding one of the supposed new police cats. He explained the many advantages of cats over dogs, such as smaller size, lower food requirements, fast speed, and the ability to latch onto a suspect and not let go. He claimed the cats would be trained to detect narcotics via catnip.

Based on the comment section of the video, the prank gave many people a good laugh. Credit: Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video transcript

BRADLEY WYNN: Hello, I'm Staff Sergeant Wynn with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office, and I'm pleased to announce that today we're beginning our new feline program. Starting today, we're going to be replacing our aging K-9 division with our new feline division. We've gone ahead and gone with the classic black and white model as well. Felines tend to be a lot easier to train. They eat a lot less-- take up a lot less space, and it's easier when dealing with suspects as well. They're very fast, very quick, and once they latch on, they really stay on. They are much better as narcotic felines. Cujo, sniff. They have a unique sense of smell. We use catnip to train them-- later replacing the catnip with more potent narcotics. Felines, like Blood Fang here, go through extensive training-- cost about $10,000, and then they're passed on to their trainers, who will continue that training 24 hours a day. Again, I'm Staff Sergeant Wynn with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office. I'm proud to serve.