Olivia Culpo: I'm looking forward to marrying my best friend

Olivia Culpo can't wait to marry her "best friend".

The 31-year-old model is engaged to sports star Christian McCaffrey and Olivia has revealed that she's already counting down the days until they tie the knot.

The brunette beauty - who started dating the NFL star in 2019 - told PEOPLE: "The countdown is on. It's happening."

The loved-up duo announced their engagement in 2023, and Olivia can't wait for the "next chapter" in her life.

She shared: "I'm looking forward to marrying my best friend.

"I'm very excited for that next chapter, and I feel very lucky. He's a great guy."

Olivia has enjoyed her experience of planning her wedding.

The model is also determined to please all of her wedding guests.

She said: "It's just logistically complicated. Figuring out what everyone's going to wear, figuring out, figuring out where everyone's going to stay, making sure that everybody's happy.

"I feel like as a people pleaser, I want to make sure that everybody else is having the best time ever, but I know that everything will fall into place. I feel really good about it."

Meanwhile, Olivia previously admitted that she lost her identity after her split from Nick Jonas.

The model - who dated Nick from 2013 until 2015 - said on 'The Culpo Sisters': "I moved to Los Angeles with him. I had no brand, no money and I was in love. That was great right, but when he broke up with me, I was kind of left with no sense of identity.

"My whole identity was in him, which is a very common story of a young person in love.

"I thought we were going to get married, I thought all the things, and I just remember night after night looking up at my ceiling in my apartment that I couldn't afford thinking to myself how am I going to pay my rent."