Olivia Munn opens up about 'terrifying' cancer diagnosis

Olivia Munn has opened up about her "terrifying" cancer diagnosis.

In a new interview with People, the actress has reflected on her journey with breast cancer.

"I was not someone who obsessed over death or was afraid of it in any way," Olivia, 43, told the outlet, but "having a little baby at home made everything much more terrifying."

The Predator actress has a two-year-old son, Malcolm, with her partner, actor and comedian John Mulaney.

In March, Olivia revealed she had been diagnosed with luminal B breast cancer in April 2023 after undergoing a series of genetic tests.

"You realise cancer doesn't care who you are; it doesn't care if you have a baby or if you don't have time," she told the outlet. "It comes at you, and you have no choice but to face it head-on."

In the weeks following her diagnosis, the actress underwent a double mastectomy, lymph node dissection and nipple delay surgery.

"I had amazing doctors, but it was still a negotiation sometimes on what we are doing," she said, referring to the nipple delay surgery. "But I'm glad I did. I want to give myself the best shot of keeping the parts of me that I can keep."

Olivia shared that the double mastectomy had been "tougher" than she had expected.

"There's so much information, and you're making these huge decisions for the rest of your life," she explained. "I really tried to be prepared, but the truth is that nothing could prepare me for what I would feel like, what it would look like and how I would handle it emotionally. It was a lot tougher than I expected."

After recovering from the mastectomy, Olivia underwent reconstructive surgery and began hormone suppression therapy to reduce future risk, which put her into medically induced menopause.

"I'm constantly thinking it's hot, my hair is thinning, and I'm tired a lot," she said of the menopause symptoms.