Here’s the official set list for Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS tour

olivia rodrigo guts set list
Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS tour setlistKevin Mazur - Getty Images

Get ready to spill your guts, because Olivia Rodrigo is going on a world tour and we've got you covered on every single song on her set list.

The pop princess announced her tour last September following the success of her second album, GUTS, and she's set to perform at venues around the world before she comes to the UK in May.

Her first show was on 23rd February, meaning the official set list is finally here and we'll hear some of her hit songs like 'vampire', 'get him back' and more on tour. So, get ready, because here is Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS tour full set list.

Olivia Rodrigo GUTS tour set list

There's tracks from both her hit albums on the set list, plus a bonus songs from a special additions of her GUTS album. Here's the full set list:

  • 'bad idea, right?'

  • 'ballad of a homeschooled girl'

  • 'vampire'

  • 'traitor'

  • 'drivers license'

  • 'teenage dream'

  • 'petty isn’t pretty'

  • 'love is embarrassing'

  • 'making the bed'

  • 'logical'

  • 'enough for you'

  • 'lacy'

  • 'jealousy, jealousy'

  • 'happier'

  • 'favorite crime'

  • 'deja vu'

  • 'the grudge'

  • 'brutal'

  • 'obsessed'

  • 'all-american bitch'

  • 'good 4 u' (encore)

  • 'get him back!' (encore)

Speaking to Capital Breakfast in August about the shows, Olivia said, "I’m so excited to play all these songs in a live show. I wrote this album with a tour in mind, so I think they’re all songs I want people to sing in a crowd, so hopefully that’s what is achieved."

We can't wait for the GUTS tour!

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