Olly Murs admits to 'loneliness' after estrangement from twin brother

Singer Olly Murs has admitted he was "desperate to be around people" after becoming estranged from his twin more than a decade ago.

"When you've been in the womb with someone, you struggle with loneliness," he told The Times in an interview on Saturday.

The Heart Skips A Beat singer, 40, shot to fame when he competed in The X Factor season 6 in 2009. He later admitted missing his twin brother's wedding to film the show.

"We haven't spoken in ten years," he told the other judges on an episode of The Voice in 2020, adding he didn't know where his twin lives.

"I do miss having my twin with me. We had these two different personalities but we just had this bond as a twin," he said.

He told the newspaper he "could not sit in a room alone" after the split but meeting his wife changed everything.

"When that person walks into your life and changes how you feel, you know. She's gorgeous, the love of my life," he said.

Murs married Amelia Tank, a fitness model, in Essex last year. Their daughter, Madison, was born in April.

Murs posted a picture of him and Amelia walking out of hospital with a baby carrier, saying: "Our mini Murs has arrived."

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"My aim in life is to be a great husband and father - that's where my future lies," he said

"I'd love my career to continue as it is, but when you get married and become a dad, you just want to be the best for them."

Murs' twin Ben Hart told Sunday People he tried to contact the singer in 2013 after the birth of his son but claimed his estranged sibling told him to delete his number.

Olly Murs denies this.