Scots singer Daniel Rooney thought chance to replace Olly Murs at Take That gig was 'wind up'

Scots pub singer Daniel Rooney has opened up on his disbelief after replacing Olly Murs on Friday night in his supporting slot at a Glasgow Take That concert.

Daniel, 26, was drafted in last minute for the epic show at the city's OVO Hydro. after showbiz correspondent Ross King heard him performing in a hotel nearby just before the gig was about to start.

Appearing on ITV's Lorraine on Monday, Daniel told stand-in host Christine Lampard he thought the offer was a "wind up" at first as he said: "Yes so I'm half way through my set I am on my break, I've played for about an hour and one of the waiters comes up and says 'Ross King wants to speak to you and he might have a life changing opportunity for you'.

"And Ross comes along with those words and said can you go and support Take That at the Hyro across the road.

"I'm thinking 'someone is trying to wind me up here', but yeah he was telling the truth... I packed up my stuff and I had another half to go and I said to the Radisson 'look I need to go I've been asked to play at the Hydro'!"

Daniel admitted everything happened so quickly he didn't have the chance to tell his parents or girlfriend about his golden opportunity.

He went on: "I did the calls after the gig but I was also trying to watch the show at the same time. The news articles were coming out and, yeah I don't think people would believe me if I said: 'I just played the Hydro!'

As we reported, Ross, who appears as a showbiz correspondent on Lorraine, had been having dinner in Glasgow's Radisson RED hotel across the road from the gig venue when news broke that flights in London had been cancelled, meaning Olly could no longer open the show.

Take That's Gary Barlow then text Ross to ask if he had any ideas as a plan B support act and Ross suggested that the singer he was watching in the bar could be an apt replacement.

Ross then asked a waiter to go to Daniel and tell him that he had a 'life changing opportunity' for him and could he come over to have a chat.

The pair then rushed over to the Hydro and Daniel took to the stage, with subsequent clips of the performance going viral since.

Olly hailed Daniel's fast action as "amazing" as he spoke to Ross in footage which aired on today's Lorraine.

He added: "For the young lad to come out after just singing in the bar, imagine that? You're in a bar 30 minutes before singing to a few hundred people then to go right there's 10,000 people here needing entertaining! That's amazing, fair play to him! Credit to him, when I heard about that I thought, yeah I love that!"

Daniel appeared on Lorraine on Monday morning -Credit:ITV screengrab
Daniel appeared on Lorraine on Monday morning -Credit:ITV screengrab

Speaking to Christine, Daniel admitted he'd always like Take That but is now a "massive fan" after his golden opportunity.

He said: "I did like Take That, I've never been to a show before, but I am a massive fan now! What a show they put on - it's incredible, the lights and the sound and the guys too, I met them before and after the show, they are brilliant."

Opening up about what's next for him, he said: "It's time to go and record some music now and just ride the wave that we're on and see where we go!"

Daniel then played a couple of bars to the hit tune Shine.

Ross also spoke to Take That about Daniel saving the day and they said: "He stood there with his guitar and rocked it! He did a brilliant job."

It's been quite the whirlwind weekend for the young Scots singer after his stint on the Hydro stage as he was also invited to be a guest at Celtic Park on Saturday.

Take That were playing three nights at the Hydro to sold out crowds.

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