One dead, three injured in rampage as German police shoot dead knifeman at Euro 2024 party

Armed German police tighten border security at Euro 2024 (REUTERS)
Armed German police tighten border security at Euro 2024 (REUTERS)

A suspect armed with a knife killed one man before stabbing three others at a Euro 2024 party in east Germany.

The male attacker, 27, was then shot dead by police called to the scene.

He launched his rampage in a garden where a family were hosting a private party in the city of Magdeburg to watch Germany’s 5-1 thrashing of Scotland.

At least three people were injured in the attack around 9.30pm on Friday night, with two - a woman aged 50 and a man 75 - suffering severe wounds. A second man, 56, was slightly injured.

Police have not yet released a statement as to the current condition of the victims.

According to local media reports citing police information, the perpetrator was an Afghan national.

A police spokeswoman said the attacker went for police officers on their arrival in Genossenschaftsweg in Wolmirstedt, Saxony-Anhalt. One officer drew his pistol and fatally shot him.

“Firearms were used,” a police spokesperson told Bild on Saturday morning.

“The perpetrator died in hospital.”

The publication shared a picture of a body covered by a blanket being stretchered from the scene.

Scottish fans soak up atmosphere in Germany (Getty Images)
Scottish fans soak up atmosphere in Germany (Getty Images)

The knifeman is also suspected of murdering another man, aged 23 and also from Afghanistan, earlier in a high-rise building close to where the family party took place.

Police were alerted when he threatened people on an allotment on his way to the party venue, according to the Magdeburger Volksstimme newspaper.

Germany on high alert amid fears extremists could target the European football tournament.

Nancy Faeser, the German interior minister, said: “We are arming ourselves against all conceivable dangers with the maximum commitment of the security authorities.

“Our focus ranges from the threat of Islamist terror to hooligans and cyber attacks. The Federal Police will protect Germany’s borders, airports and rail traffic.”

German police have set up a command centre in the city of Neuss in the Rhine region where counter-terror police from across the continent have gathered to work on ensuring safety in and around the Euros.

Earlier this month, police arrested a known Islamist at Cologne Airport on charges that he had transferred crypto currency to an Islamic state cell in Afghanistan.

The suspect, identified only as Soufian T in line with German privacy laws, reportedly applied for jobs as a security guard at outdoor screenings of Euro 2024 matches, but his application was rejected based on a tip off from Germany’s domestic security agency.