One Fifth Of Young Adults Think Fish Fingers Are The Fingers Of Fish

What are fish fingers made of?

The answer, according to an alarmingly high number of young adults is simple: they’re made from the fingers of fish.

One in five aged between 16-24 stumble over the question, whereas around one in seven believe potatoes grow on trees, according to a new study.

More still admit to being confused about whether wasps or bees make honey, while one in seven do not know that lamb comes from sheep.

The study, by Rowse Honey, also found that young adults are confused about the humble pork chop – with one in seven unaware they come from pigs.

The study also found a lack of knowledge among adults, many of whom (22 per cent) admitted to lying to their kids about the origin of food because they didn’t know the answer themselves.

The study found that many blamed the lack of knowledge on ready meals and the fact that food is now sourced from the shelves of supermarkets.

Many are confused about where honey comes from (Credit: Hashoo Foundation USA)

Ian Ainsworth, Managing Director of Rowse Honey, said: “Our research shows that as a nation, we’re very naive about where our food comes from.

“The humble honeybee is responsible for pollinating a third of the food that we find on our plates, yet more than two thirds (67 per cent) can’t tell the difference between wasps, bees and honeybees.

“It’s shocking that six per cent of Brits mistakenly think that honeybees are pests and a quarter (19 per cent) would actively try and kill them if they found them in their room.”

(Credit: EHRENBERG Kommunikation)