One of most wanted US fugitives arrested with three knives in Vatican

One of the most wanted US fugitives was arrested in the Vatican, with three knives on him.

Moises Tejada was found in a bathroom in St Peter's Square, in the Vatican, during a crowded weekly general audience delivered by Pope Francis on Wednesday 10 April.

He had attracted the attention of police, who followed and detained him, as the square was busy with pilgrims and tourists.

When the 54-year-old was arrested, police found three knives on him, each 20cm (eight inches) long and one with a double blade.

Tejada is listed as one of the most wanted fugitives in the state of New York.

US state government said Tejada has been convicted of kidnapping and robbery and is "classified as violent".

According to the Office of Special Investigations New York's most wanted list, Tejada "should be considered armed and dangerous" and never be approached.

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When arrested, Tejada told Italian police he had arrived from the frontline in Ukraine's war with Russia - where he had been since 2022.

Tejada claimed he had arrived in Italy, from Kiev via Moldova, 10 days ago.

Local police told Sky News Tejada was a "violent man".

It is not clear what his intentions were and if he intended to attack the Pope or anyone else.

Tejada is now in prison in Rome, accused of illegally carrying weapons and resisting policemen.

Italian authorities are waiting to hear if their US counterparts want to extradite him.