One-vote margin determines winner in Terre Haute flag contest

May 10—Terre Haute has a new flag it can call its own.

Ethan Page, who began the movement to create a city flag back in December, announced Thursday on his Terre Haute Flag Facebook page that Kris Toney had won the design contest.

The vote was incredibly close — out of 1,607 votes, 519 preferred Toney's design, while 518 selected one by Dougie Collett. Three other designs trailed those two flags by a sizable margin.

"I found out about the time the Facebook post was posted, but only after a friend texted me 'Kris, you did it!'" Toney said. "I had no clue what the friend was talking about for a moment before it clicked what they meant."

Toney, the digital marketing specialist for the Vigo County Public Library, admitted to being surprised at her win.

"It came as a shock, knowing how close the vote was, especially!" she said. "Friends, family, and co-workers have all been amazingly supportive and congratulatory. I couldn't ask for a better group to share this with!"

Toney has nine years of experience in various design fields. She placed second in the city's eclipse poster contest earlier this year, but said, "This is probably my biggest accomplishment."

Her flag incorporated a sycamore leaf and the color scheme of Indiana's state flag.

"Colors and elements were a mix of flag research and finding what could really stand as symbolism for Terre Haute," Toney said. "I had a long list of items to use, and I just started trying to assemble them in a way that would make for an easy-to-produce and well-designed flag."

Toney can't wait to see the fruits of her labor on display throughout Terre Haute.

"It'll be amazing seeing the flag waving around town and knowing that we now have a symbol to unite us all as Hauteans," she said. "It can hopefully become a source of pride for our community."

Page will present Toney's design to the Terre Haute City Council at its June 6 meeting, where it will vote to approve it as the new city flag.

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