One of the world's biggest rock stars has just been on BBC Gardeners' World

You know it's a rock n roll Friday night if you're tuned into Gardners' World and enjoy watching host Monty Don lay turf. But this latest episode of the BBC2 staple, which aired on April 19, featured an actual real-life rock star, from the A-list of rock stars.

Viewers at home were treated to a peek behind the hedge into the garden of U2 bassist Adam Clayton, one of the four members of the band alongside Bono, The Edge and Larry Mullen Jr. Gardeners' World host, Adam Frost made the trip to Ireland, near Dublin, where Clayton has lived since he was five.

Clayton is a founder member of the band recording multiple studio albums and touring the world with hits like With or Without You and Beautiful Day. But when he's not delivering the bass line under Bono's vocals, he's also a green-fingered plant lover.

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The musician bought the home, surrounded by 17 acres of land, back in the 1980s after U2 made their album, The Joshua Tree one of the best-selling in the world, there. The property and its land also happened to be a stone's throw away from where Clayton went to boarding school as a teenager.

After buying the house the bassist said he had a smattering of knowledge about gardening but knew that he "felt solace outside." Over the decades he took an overrun plot of land in a river valley and turned it into what he admitted was a place that "gives him peace".

"It takes my mind out of myself," said the star. "I start to see the colours, see the form and I just go into a different world. " Planting more than 4,000 trees over the past 30 years, the garden is full of magnolia trees and rhododendrons and camellia flowers.

Presenter Adam Frost was in his element exploring the garden, which he described as "magical" and was seriously impressed at the re-establishment of the river, which he described as the "heartbeat" of the garden. He added that it "felt like another world".

Gardeners' World
Adam Frost taking in Adam Clayton's landscaping

Gardeners' World fans were in awe of the rock star's appearance - and his lovely garden. One wrote on X: "I wish @BBCTwo had a like button. Exceptional #gardenersworld tonight. Adam Clayton’s garden and story a revelation."

Another said: "Absolutely extraordinary scoop from #GardenersWorld. Adam Clayton at the house where U2 recorded The Joshua Tree, and his stunning garden just outside of Dublin. Amazing."

A third added: "Adam Clayton's garden is lovely. How wonderful to have the vision to create such an amazing place. I'd love to start the day walking down the path by the waterfall too."

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