Only 6 empty graves left at Morley Cemetery with no plans to expand

Morley Cemetery
-Credit: (Image: Google)

Morley Cemetery is nearly full, with no room left for cremated remains and only six plots for graves.

Leeds City Council called funeral directors across the city last week confirming that Morley Cemetery has limited remaining burial sites - and "no further expansion is feasible."

A council spokeswoman has said while the expansion of Morley Cemetery is not possible, work continues to expand on other existing sites.

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She said: "We recently confirmed to funeral directors that there is no further burial space for cremated remains at Morley Cemetery and that new grave spaces are limited to six, after which no new graves can be created at the site.

"This does not impact existing rights owners who can continue to utilise family graves until they reach capacity."

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The Environment, Housing and Communities Board warned the council about the increasingly limited number of spaces at the site in Bruntcliffe Road, Morley nearly 18 months ago.

During the meeting on February 2, 2023, the board confirmed the use of spaces were following the pattern expected since 2008 and there remained 35 years of burial provision available across the city.

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The spokeswoman said: “We previously examined the site to ensure all space was being utilised, which prolonged its active use, but sadly, no further expansion is feasible.

"We will continue our work to expand other burial sites across Leeds where possible, to ensure sufficient space is available.”