'Only in Australia': Lost Koala Helped Out of Supermarket Parking Lot in Shopping Cart

People in Portland, Australia, had a surprise visit from a furry shopper when a koala became stuck in an Aldi supermarket parking lot.

Peter Elmore told 7News that he was on holiday in Portland, Victoria, with his wife and spotted the koala. The animal had become trapped in the Aldi parking lot and had unsuccessfully tried to climb a fence to escape, Elmore said. He said that since he is a wildlife volunteer, he was happy to step in.

“I would’ve carried her, but then I saw the Aldi trolley and thought that would be a bit easier,” he said. “She was relaxed in the trolley and was happy for me to move her around. I only had to push her about 100 meters until we got to a bit of bushland. Then she went into someone’s backyard and up a tree.”

The rescue was captured on camera by Cherry Mae Ferrer. Ferrer’s video and images show Elmore pushing the trolley with the koala inside, and then the koala running alongside a road, she said.

“Only in Australia,” Ferrer said.

An Aldi spokesperson told 7News that koalas were “not welcome” in stores.

“While we always appreciate another customer, our stores are not the appropriate habitat for native wildlife,” they said. Credit: Cherry Mae Ferrer via Storyful