Only Fools and Horses fans are just realising Uncle Albert was totally ripped

nicholas lyndhurst, david jason and buster merryfield, only fools and horses
OFAH fans discover Uncle Albert factGetty Images

Fans of Only Fools and Horses have made a discovery about Uncle Albert, with viewers noticing that the character is properly ripped.

Albert Gladstone Trotter was played by Buster Merryfield on the iconic sitcom, with the character being brought in following the death of Grandad (Lennard Pearce).

Albert was a mainstay in Del Boy and Rodney’s lives from 1985 until the final episode in 1996, and fans have now commented on Merryfield’s physique when rewatching classic episodes.

nicholas lyndhurst, david jason and buster merryfield, only fools and horses
Getty Images

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“Is it just me or is Uncle Albert f**king hench?” wrote one fan on X/Twitter, with the accompanying images showing the character in a netted vest and braces.

Merryfield’s physique can be traced to his history as a successful boxer in both his youth and Navy days, with the actor maintaining a strict dietary regime throughout the rest of his life.

“Wow! Fair play to him. He was 66 when this was filmed and I wouldn’t want to fall out with him here pal,” wrote another fan after being told of this information, with several noting that his punches were referred to as “Trotter’s Trembler.”

Elsewhere in the world of Only Fools and Horses, lead star Sir David Jason recently shared a health update following the postponement of a fan event, with the comedy legend revealing he required surgery on his hip.

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“I am so very sorry for the disappointment and all the inconvenience it may cause but we are having to change the date of the forthcoming Only Fools and Horses Convention,” Jason wrote in a statement.

“Unfortunately I have just been advised I need a new bionic body part fitted. I won’t tell you which part it is, or you will all want one! And don’t worry it’s not being supplied by Monkey Harris, it’ll be the pukka gear,” he added, referencing the renowned seller of dodgy goods from the series.

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