Only Fools and Horses' Gwyneth Strong's life with famous EastEnders star husband

Gwyneth Strong on EastEnders in 2016 -Credit:BBC
Gwyneth Strong on EastEnders in 2016 -Credit:BBC

Every comedy fan in the UK and beyond will recognise Cassandra Trotter from Only Fools and Horses. From 1989 to the final episode of the BBC sitcom in 2003, actor Gwyneth Strong played Rodney Trotter's wife and Del Boy's long-suffering sister-in-law.

Despite being part of a wheeling-dealing family from Peckham, Cassandra is a sensible, intelligent, and rather posh addition to the Trotter clan. She's utterly pampered by her businessman father, Alan, who sees her as his pride and joy.

In Rodney and Cassandra's love story, opposites certainly did attract!

Gwyneth, 64, has an impressive list of television credits to her name, including roles in EastEnders, Casualty, New Tricks, Doctors, and many more. But she's not the only one in her family with a successful acting career - her husband is also a well-known actor!

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So, who is Gwyneth married to?

Let's take a trip down memory lane to a time before Towie and Love Island dominated our screens, when Footballers' Wives was the must-watch drama of the noughties. The ITV show chronicled the trials and tribulations of the women married to members of the Earls Park football team.

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Never lacking in thrilling drama or unexpected plot twists, the show was a rollercoaster of murder, love, and lust, airing from 2002 to 2006. The character of football manager Roger Webb was brought to life by actor Jesse Birdsall.

Gwyneth and Jesse tied the knot back in 2000 and have two children together.

TV star Jesse, 58, hailing from Highbury, embarked on his acting journey back in the 1970s with roles in series such as Headmaster, Centre Play and Graham's Gang, and has been a fixture in the entertainment industry ever since. In the early 90's, he bagged the role of Marcus Tandy in the BBC soap El Dorado.

Much like his wife Gwyneth, Jesse has also graced EastEnders with his presence, playing John Hewland in 2012. His other acting credits include Doctors, Casualty, Foyle's War, As If, Bugs, and The Bill.

More recently, Jesse portrayed Fraser Black in Hollyoaks between 2013 and 2014 before stepping into the shoes of Steven Fletcher in Holby City in 2018. He also stars as Ali in the new film The Pebble and The Boy.

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