'Only in Ireland': Bus Driver Stops to Feed Hungry Horse

An Irish bus driver stopped his vehicle at the side of a road in County Tipperary on February 27 to feed a hungry horse.

A passenger on the Dublin-bound bus, Mark Malone, assumed the vehicle was coming to a halt because of a police checkpoint and told Storyful he was surprised to hear the driver tell his passengers that he had been feeding the horse since October.

The driver can be seen throwing carrots and apples over two fences in the direction of the horse. The horse then walks over to eat the food, as seen in the video uploaded to Twitter on February 27.

Passengers on the bus were not annoyed by the interruption, Malone told Storyful. “I’m guessing they were pretty happy that the horse was being looked after by such a caring bus driver,” he said.

Malone told Storyful that he spoke to the driver about the incident when he was disembarking. He said the driver told him the horse was “neglected” and that he “hated seeing a mistreated animal.”

In Malone’s Twitter post accompanying the video, he wrote, “Only in Ireland.”

Storyful has asked Bus Eireann, Ireland’s national bus network, for comment. Credit: Mark Malone via Storyful