Oops! Boris Johnson’s £840-a-roll gold wallpaper ‘keeps falling down’

<p>Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds have faced questions over who footed the bill for their Number 11 flat makeover</p> (PA)

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds have faced questions over who footed the bill for their Number 11 flat makeover


Boris Johnson faced fresh embarrassment on Wednesday after it was claimed his “massively expensive” gold wallpaper keeps falling down.

The Prime Minister has had to call in specialist decorators to rehang parts of the £840 per roll wallpaper, No 10 sources told the Daily Mail.

The “hand-crafted” and heavyweight wallpaper is reportedly from upmarket interior designer Lulu Lytle who was spotted outside the flat in October.

Serious questions have been raised over who originally footed the bill for Mr Johnson and his fiancé Carrie Symonds’ makeover of their No 11 flat.

Dame Margaret Hodge, former chairwoman of the public accounts committee, has sent a formal complaint to the parliamentary watchdog.

The former minister told the Standard: “It is quite funny if it wasn’t so serious. This massively expensive wallpaper doesn’t even stick to the wall.

“But my question is: did Boris Johnson stick to the rules? Because the rules matter.”

Further details of the refurb were revealed by the paper including an upholstered sofa with ruby and emerald material called Damascus Stripe and curtains thought to be luxury brand Soane Britain’s Tendril Vine pattern, also in emerald.

It was suggested that a photo of Ms Symonds with the couple’s son Wilfred released by Downing Street at Christmas was taken in the flat and shows the distinct striped Lytle sofa.

The independent adviser on ministers’ interests is carrying out a probe as well as the Electoral Commission which said it was “satisfied that there are reasonable grounds to suspect that an offence or offences may have occurred”.

The inquiries come after a string of allegations that Tory donor Lord Brownlow paid a £58,000 redecoration bill that was originally met by Conservative HQ.

Mr Johnson has consistently denied any wrongdoing and one of his ministers insisted he covered the renovation costs “from his own pocket”.

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