OPINION - The Leader podcast: Britain’s $1 TRILLION Tech Rich List revealed

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Britain’s technology sector has hit a value of $1 trillion in value - that’s over £800 billion.

All this success has brought untold wealth for many tech company founders, who are revealed in the inaugural Evening Standard Tech Rich List - and in The Leader podcast you’ll hear how one of them invests his fortune.

The Standard’s City team, who compiled the data, shows the 100 people appearing on the list have a combined wealth of over £60 billion, which they calculated is more than a tenth of the entire GDP of London.

Plus, there are more than 20 ‘unicorns’ worth over $1 billion each in the capital since 2021, boosted by a series of initial public offerings, including fast food app Deliveroo and payments service Wise.

Now the UK’s only the third country to hit this milestone after the US and China.

Vacuum cleaner tycoon Lord Dyson tops the list at over £17 billion, while Sir Richard Branson and Lord Sugar also make the top 10.

But has London lost its shine, as tech firms look elsewhere post-Brexit?

Evening Standard tech reporter Simon Hunt discusses the methodology behind the list, who’s up and who’s down, diversity in the digital sector and London’s business outlook.

In part two, we meet Christian Angermayer, founder of life sciences and fintech backers Apeiron Investment Group, who the ES tech rich list estimates to have a net worth of over £880 million.

We discuss London’s future for global tech culture, how Brexit’s impacted business confidence, biotech investment in psychedelic drugs such as magic mushrooms for healing therapies - and his ancient art collection.

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