OPINION - The Leader podcast: How to get pay rise in 2023

How to get pay rise in 2023 (PA Archive)
How to get pay rise in 2023 (PA Archive)

Millions of British workers are expecting a pay rise in 2023, with nearly a quarter of respondents to a recent recruitment survey hoping for at least 10 per cent extra.

It comes as nurses are negotiating for a 19.2 per cent increase, while union reps recently secured 10 per cent plus a £2,000 bonus for workers at Rolls-Royce.

So, as the cost of living crisis bites and the recession’s forecast to last until 2024, are union demands realistic and what’s the best strategy for squeezing a few more pounds from your boss, particularly if they have a “high ego”?

Meanwhile, if you’re struggling this Christmas then please spare a thought for those hard-up bankers, who could soon receive unlimited bonuses after the Bank of England announced plans for a consultation on scrapping the so-called ‘bonus cap’.

To examine how wages are looking into 2023 and tips for handling those awkward money conversations with the boss, The Leader’s joined by Dr Grace Lordan, a labour economist at the London School of Economics.

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