OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: World’s biggest SpaceX Starship on launchpad


We’ve been given a first look at what’s set to be the biggest rocket ever launched - the nearly 400ft high SpaceX starship.

The galactic behemoth has been given a good polish and is sitting on the launchpad, poking out the clouds, at Boca Chica in Texas ready for its first orbital flight.

SpaceX boss Elon Musk says the launch will happen ‘soon’ - possibly within the next two months.

Polar scientists say they’ve observed regional variations in the pace ice is melting in West Antarctica over 12 years, offering a glimmer of hope that human-induced climate change can be fought. So what needs to be done, and how are the local penguins coping with their habitat disappearing?

The Tech & Science Daily podcast speaks with Dr Frazer Christie, a glacier geophysicist at Cambridge University’s Scott Polar Research Institute.

A British businessman’s been arrested and bailed under terrorism laws after traces of uranium were discovered at Heathrow Airport.

Police say evidence of radioactive material was discovered in a cargo shipment of scrap metal two days before New Year’s Eve, which came from Pakistan and was addressed to an Iranian-registered business in the UK.

Plus, the father of late schoolgirl Molly Russell criticised the responses of social media companies to a coroner’s call to prevent future teen deaths, Tesla buyers furious at price cuts after they’ve paid thousands, fears of risks to bank account encryption from quantum computers and latest Sony Walkman update.

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