OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: House of the Dragon VFX secrets revealed

 (Alamy Stock Photo)
(Alamy Stock Photo)

Tech & Science Daily has been finding out about some of the VFX secrets behind the Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon.

Mike Bell, VFX supervisor for the Moving Picture Company, explains the work that went into series one and the new challenges the team faced.

Bell confirmed that they won’t start on series two until 2023 but the years of work that went into the first one means they’ll be able to build on what they’ve already created.

Elon Musk has warned Twitter employees of the possibility of bankruptcy as the US regulator says it’s watching with ‘deep concern’.

It comes two weeks after Musk purchased the firm for $44billion - a deal that credit experts say has left the company’s finances in a precarious position - and as more senior executives have quit.

Divers working for the History Channel have found a piece of the exploded space shuttle Challenger.

They were working on a documentary about a World War II aircraft when they made the discovery.

And the rest

Astronomers have detected a mysterious ‘overweight’ star that defies black hole theory, an experimental study is being called a ‘leap forward’ in tailored cancer medicine and the CEO of Builder.Ai explains why we need to consider the way we use the technology.

Plus, Stirling has become a ‘fully augmented reality city’ and there could be a scientific reason why some monkeys are nicer than others.

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