Optical illusion challenges you to spot odd word out - it's not as easy as it seems

Think you've got what it takes to notice the finest of details? A devilish new optical illusion is about to test your eyes and brain to their limits.

Optical illusions are a brilliant exercise for your eyesight and brain function, challenging your ability to spot ever so slight variances. Today's brainteaser is asking if you can find the odd word out.

Presented by FreshersLive, it's said that you're on eagle-eye levels if you can suss out the puzzle. Brace yourself with just five seconds to identify the word "seal" hidden amidst numerous "zeal" words in the illustration easier said than done.

This conundrum aims to befuddle you, so get your stopwatch ready and try your luck. Our visual perception often glosses over details as we scan images quickly, requiring intense concentration to pick out fine differences.

Chances are, your time's up, but don't fret give it a whirl without watching the clock, reports the Mirror. If you need a hint, direct your gaze to the central part of the picture at the 10th line, and there, you might just see it.

It was a tricky feat no doubt, but it's there - promise. Still searching? Hold on, the reveal is imminent.

The silver lining with these kind of challenging riddles is they tend to get simpler the more you tackle them they just need a bit of patience and practise. Engaging in optical illusions and puzzles is not just a pleasant diversion during a hectic day, but also beneficial for enhancing your cognitive capacities and memory skills.

If you found that intriguing, why not give this next optical illusion a go? It's another brain teaser similar to the previous one. All you have to do is find the number 474 hidden amongst a sea of 444s.

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