Orchid revival tip that will get plants blooming again even after they have died

Orchids produce stunning flowers, but these can occasionally wilt and die -Credit:Getty Images/EyeEm

Orchids are truly one of the most beautiful and vibrant plants out there, and they make a stunning addition to any home thanks to their iconic floral displays.

They are fairly low maintenance, which is why many people choose to have them in their kitchen, living room or bedroom. However, when the flowers start to wilt or die off, it can really ruin the plant's appearance.

But there's no need to throw it out and get a new one - you can actually revive the flowers and make them bloom once again using a simple trick, according to one gardening expert.

The handy tip was shared on TikTok by @emlivingherbestlife, who often shares helpful tips surrounding houseplants and how to care for them, the Express reports.

She said: “So I’m no orchid expert, but I do know what to do with them once their flowers die back, and how to get them to bloom again. So if you find that the stem has gone all yellow like this, your best option is to cut it off right at the base.

“Over time, a new stem and bloom will develop, provided you keep giving it good care.”

She also shared what to do in the event that your stem remains green. Em noted: "An alternative approach if the stem remains green, is to cut above a node, one of those notches along the stem.

“In time a new stem and bloom will develop.

“With this second approach, blooms may develop more quickly, but they may not be as plentiful or as big. Now that I’ve taken care of those stems, I just wanted to check in on the roots, make sure they’re healthy, which they are.”

She continued: "I also wanted to make sure that the growing medium was appropriate. Here you can see it’s growing orchid bark. This is great because it allows for lots of air circulation down in the roots, which keeps them healthy.

“With Orchids, you want to make sure that there’s really good drainage."

Em explained that this means that lots of water leaks through the pot right after you’ve watered it. “Give it good light and it will bloom again in no time. And for extra points, clean your orchid's leaves,” she finished off.

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