Original ‘Top Gun’ actor Barry Tubb sues Paramount over use of Wolfman photo in ‘Maverick’ sequel

Barry Tubb isn’t flying high over “Top Gun: Maverick.”

The 61-year-old actor, who starred as Wolfman in the original 1986 “Top Gun” film, is suing Paramount Pictures for using his image in the 2022 blockbuster sequel.

Tubb claims the term “sequel” never appeared in the contract he signed for the first film, therefore the studio had no right to use his likeness more than three decades later.

“Paramount gained — and will continue to gain — an economic windfall by using the image of plaintiff for Paramount’s own commercial purposes without having to compensate plaintiff for such usage,” according to court documents.

In a pivotal scene 44 minutes into “Top Gun: Maverick,” Lt. Jake “Hangman” Seresin (played by Glen Powell) looks at a photograph of the Top Gun Class of 1986, featuring Wolfman sitting alongside Goose (Anthony Edwards), Iceman (Val Kilmer) and of course, Tom Cruise‘s Maverick.

Tubb alleges he was never contacted about the photo and never gave permission for his likeness to appear in the film. He’s now seeking unspecified damages, according to Wednesday’s legal filing in Los Angeles federal court.

Delayed two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, “Top Gun: Maverick” was a box office success that helped usher moviegoers back into cinemas when it opened on Memorial Day Weekend 2022.

Directed by Joseph Kosinski and headlined by Cruise, the movie grossed $1.495 billion worldwide and is now ranked as the sixth highest-grossing film of all time.