Orlando Bloom 'stops theatre performance' to berate audience member

Theatregoers recounted the experience.
Theatregoers recounted the experience.

Orlando Bloom reportedly stopped his matinee London theatre performance twice Thursday July 26 to tell an audience member to put away their iPad.

41-year-old actor Orlando, who is starring in London theatre production of Killer Joe, was reportedly less than pleased when a female audience member repeatedly used her iPad during his performance.

Audience members are claiming he swore at the woman and demanded that she stopped using the distracting device.

Several audience members took to Twitter to retell the encounter, including theatre critic Mark Shenton.

However, fellow audience member Harry Edwin was quick to point out that the woman was merely using the iPad as a fan to combat the heat.

But few were as sympathetic as Edwin, with many praising Orlando for his bold move.

Orlando is scheduled to star in Killer Joe until 18 August this year. According to its official synopsis the play is about “The Smith family hatch a plan to murder their estranged matriarch for her insurance money. They hire Joe Cooper, a police detective and part-time contract killer, to do the job. But once he enters their trailer home and comes face to face with their innocent daughter, the plan spirals out of control…”

Receiving generally favourable reviews so far, Orlando is also said to bare his bare bottom during the performance. His girlfriend songstress Katy Perry has shown her support and sat in the audience for several performances.

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