Oscars 2016: Charlie Sheen Attends Elton John's AIDs Foundation Viewing Party

Every year on Oscar night Elton John holds a viewing party for his A-list pals in honour of his AIDs Foundation charity.

The star holds auctions and his famous friends donate hefty sums of money to the foundation throughout the night, making it a pretty amazing affair.

And last night was no different with Elton and his husband, David Furnish, being joined by the cream of the crop of showbiz.

As well as the likes of Boy George and Kelly Osbourne, Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow, and Caitlyn Jenner all turned up for the dinner, auction, and screening.

However, last night’s guest of honour was Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen, with the foundation being particularly close to his heart after he was diagnosed with HIV back in 2010.

Although HIV is not the same as AIDs it can develop into it, with Charlie becoming more aware of the condition following his diagnosis.

Elton was clearly chuffed to have Charlie at the party, sharing of photo of himself and David with the star alongside the caption: “Glad to see Charlie Sheen at the party.

"In great form and in great spirits.”

We have to agree - and we especially love Charlie’s T-Shirt of his own face alongside the words “Stay positive”.