Quiz! How well do you know your embarrassing Oscar moments?

They should be called the Academy Awkwards right? (Getty)
They should be called the Academy Awkwards, right? (Getty)

The Oscars ceremony is known for its glitz and glamour, its style and poise. It's a night when everyone is watching. So if you mess up, everyone remembers... or do they?

The morning after the Academy Awards, everyone is talking about the biggest fashion fails, the most embarrassing gushing acceptance speeches and the most shocking – or most dull – encounters on stage. But if a star messes up, will it haunt them for the rest of their career? Maybe fame is the key to making everyone forgive and forget.

From Gwyneth Paltrow's blubbing acceptance speech to stage falls and nomination mispronunciations – how much do you remember about the most embarrassing incidents at the Oscars in recent years?

This 15-question multiple-choice quiz highlights some of the awards' most awkward moments.

Test your memory to find out if the things that made the stars cringe are as burned into your brain as they probably are into theirs.

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