Ottawa Protesters Carrying 'Jerry Cans' March To Parliament Hill

People protesting against mandates requiring truck drivers crossing the Canada-US border to be vaccinated marched in Ottawa with fuel cans on February 8, in defiance against police orders preventing citizens from supplying participants with fuel.

Police announced plans on Sunday to arrest people providing “material aid”, such as fuel, to protesters, the National Post reported. In response, protesters began carrying empty or water-filled fuel containers, known locally as “jerry cans,” during protest actions, the report said.

As of noon on Tuesday, Ottawa Police had made 23 arrests in relation to criminal charges and issued 1,300 tickets, according to the department.

On Thursday, Ottawa Police said they negotiated with protesters to move more than a dozen trucks from areas obstructing traffic in the city.

Footage filmed by Michelle Kloet, who said it was taken on Tuesday, November 8, shows protesters chanting “Hold the line,” and carrying the cans while marching down Metcalfe Street towards Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Credit: Michelle Kloet via Storyful

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