'Our Yorkshire Farm': Amanda Owen emotional at 'tough ask' of filming, but misses show due to power cut

Contributors - The Owen Family and the Mountain Rescue Team: Pete Roe and Steve Clough in the snow.
The Owen family battled through a harsh winter. (Channel 5)

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen has said she felt emotional about watching the new series which was a "tough ask" to film - but ended up missing it because of a power cut.

The shepherdess stars in the Channel 5 documentary about Ravenseat Farm which she runs with husband Clive and their nine children, but said that the most recent series which launched on Tuesday night had been tough to film.

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Posting on Twitter ahead of the series debut, she shared a clip of a torrent of water flooding through one of her fields.

Owen wrote: "In floods. Actually think that I’ll feel quite emotional watching tonight’s opening episode of #ouryorkshirefarm as it was such a tough ask to make a programme during such difficult conditions."

However, Owen later shared with her followers that she hadn't had the chance to get emotional in front of the TV as they had been hit by a power cut.

Tweeting photos of herself and her children with candles, she wrote: "No electricity @Northpowergrid The irony of being on tv twice today @BBCBreakfast this morning & @channel5_tv #OurYorkshireFarm tonight but not actually being able to watch the tv."

The Owen family had had to film the episode themselves as they battled tough ice and snow blizzards to keep their farm going through harsh wintry conditions.

On top of the difficult winter, the children were also homeschooling during lockdown.

Contributor Reuben and Mountain Rescue team member: Pete Roe.
Snowy conditions were a nightmare on the farm. (Channel 5)

Fans of the show replied to Owen to tell her how brave they thought she was for coping with the difficult situation.

One person tweeted: "I can remember seeing your photos on here and wondering how on Earth you coped with all that snow and the blizzards. Every respect to you and your wonderful family."

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Someone else added: "Brilliant to see you all back, such a hard time you had in that terrible weather, glad you found the sheep, kids are wonderful xxx"

Another viewer wrote: "I actually felt the emotions for you @AmandaOwen8 such a relief when you found the missing sheep! Love having you back on our screens. Take care, love to all.x"

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