Outcry as Coventry's history insulted by yobs and people say 'nothing is respected'

The city's history has been insulted and people are fed-up. That's the view of locals in Coventry after a 'masterpiece' at Coventry Cathedral was vandalised.

Angry readers have been left appalled following a vandalism attack at Coventry Cathedral. Police reported that parts of the cathedral's Baptistry Window, rated one of the best 25 stained glass windows in the world, have been left smashed.

They are now searching for those responsible for the attack, which happened sometime between Sunday afternoon (April 28) and Monday morning (April 29). They have the might of the city behind them as CoventryLive readers have reacted with disgust.

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A flurry of furious comments have poured onto our page on Facebook about the attack and those behind it. Elaine Mallatratt posted: "Typical Coventry - can’t have anything decent."

Yvonne Malone added: "Is there nothing respected any more? The design of those windows is very special to the people of Coventry after the destruction of the war.

"Is there no end to this vandalism?" Her comments were echoed by Dawn Mckay, who said: "Obviously don't know the history of our city - disrespectful morons."

Claire Lesley Fletcher said: "That’s horrendous" while E.J. Murray simply posted: "Brainless scumbags." Many also commented on the story on our website.

CovKid said: "Sadly the poorly behaved minority always have to ruin things for everyone else. I blame poor parenting and no consequences for bad behaviour."

paulthered said: "Coventry schools collected money for some of those windows. They've been there over 60 years now. Why can't we have anything nice any more?"

Manfredcov said: "This sums up the times we live in." Carole said: "This is shocking - why would anyone do that?"

Others said the hoped CCTV footage would help police with the case. Patrick Reyntiens collaborated with the late John Piper to create the majestic stained glass window at the city’s new cathedral after it was destroyed in the Blitz of November 14, 1940.

Police say they are working with cathedral members to try to establish exactly what happened and are keen to hear from anyone with information. Anyone with any information about who is responsible for the damage or who was in the area at the time is being urged to contact police via Live Chat on West Midlands Police website, or by calling 101, and quoting 20/451519/24.

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