“OutDaughtered”'s Danielle Busby Gives Adam an Ultimatum After He Refuses Help for Their 6 Girls: 'Step Up' (Exclusive)

“OutDaughtered”'s Danielle Busby Gives Adam an Ultimatum After He Refuses Help for Their 6 Girls: 'Step Up' (Exclusive)

In PEOPLE's exclusive look at the TLC show's new episode, Danielle tells Adam they're not on the same page about needing an extra set of hands to juggle their six daughters

OutDaughtereds Danielle and Adam Busby have been busy ever since welcoming quintuplets, but these days, life is getting even harder to manage.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive clip from the May 14 episode of the TLC series, Danielle, 40, broaches a sensitive subject with Adam, 41, as they prepare for their six girls — 9-year-old quintuplets Parker, Riley, Hazel, Olivia and Ava and 12-year-old Blayke — to start school.

“At some point, Adam, with your schedule getting busier, I’m in and out always, around, everywhere — I feel like we just… We need it,” she tells her husband. “I need some help. We need some help.”

The couple have run into a scheduling conflict as they both have work commitments on the day after the first day of school, leaving the six girls with no parent to drive them to and from school, or to their various extracurricular activities.

In a confessional, Danielle says that hiring an extra set of hands is “something that we’ve talked about in the past, over and over again,” but as the girls get older, “things have just gotten way more difficult.”

“We are pulled in multiple different directions [at] multiple different times, and we just can't keep up with it," she adds.

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<p>TLC</p> Adam and Danielle Busby in 'OutDaughtered'


Adam and Danielle Busby in 'OutDaughtered'

Adam says he was “excited for the challenge” of handling the girls’ busy lives on their own, but Danielle disagrees, telling him, “We can't beat that challenge because we don't have enough hands — we don't have enough drivers.”

He asks whether Danielle is suggesting that they “need somebody just to drive them from place to place,” versus hiring a nanny, and Danielle admits, “I don’t know yet.”

“I just know that we're getting busier with home life and kid life and also work life and so we need an extra hand," she says.

“I just don't like that, honestly,” Adam admits.

“I mean, I don't either, Adam,” Danielle says, noting that the other solution is that one of them stops working. “And I cannot not do that.”

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<p>TLC</p> Danielle and Adam Busby in 'OutDaughtered'


Danielle and Adam Busby in 'OutDaughtered'

In a confessional, Danielle tells Adam: “We need help with the kids. There are things that a person needs to help out with, but there's also a list of, like, laundry and keeping up with their school schedules and things that you don't ever touch.”

She admits, “I could hire someone full-time and I would still be busy full-time. It's literally just running — like, running a house.”

Ultimately, Danielle gives Adam an ultimatum of sorts, as she says, “If you don't want me to hire someone, then you better step up your game.”

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