Outlander: When will Brian Fraser return to time-travelling drama's penultimate season?

Andrew Whipp as Brian Fraser
Andrew Whipp as Brian Fraser -Credit:STARZ

Outlander fans eagerly await season seven part two of the time-travelling drama to drop - especially following the news that Brian Fraser actor Andrew Whipp will be returning to screens.

Jamie's dad Brian Fraser appeared in the first season of the iconic Starz show which ended in tragedy after the beloved Highlander was arrested whilst attempting to defend Jenny Fraser Murray.

He was carted to Fort William where he was flogged by Jack Randall and when Brian witnessed the second flogging, he thought his son was dead, reports the Express.

Brian subsequently suffered an apoplexy and collapsed, he was taken to Lallybroch to recover but died a few days later.

Despite Brian being killed off in the first outing, the network has revealed that actor Andrew Whipp will be reprising his role for season seven's second part.

When will Brian Fraser star Andrew Whipp return to Outlander?

Outlander fans were elated at the news and are keen to welcome Andrew back into the fold, almost ten years since Brian was killed off.

Now, Brian will return in Outlander season even, part two - showing up in the second half premiere, episode nine.

Currently, an episode title hasn’t been released and the start date has yet to come out but it is known Outlander will be back sometime in November.

According to Whipp’s IMDb page, Brian is going to be back for just four episodes, starring in instalments nine to 12.

Since Brian is already dead though, it is thought that he will likely appear in season seven through flashbacks.

Apart from the Starz series, Whipp has been in several other popular television shows throughout his 25-year career.

Some of these include Emmerdale, Holby City, The White Princess, Cursed, Vera, Shetland and Six Four.

Most recently, he portrayed Ladbroke in the epic thriller Bodies on Netflix last year.

Whipp also has another project in the pipeline away from the Outlander universe, a sci-fi thriller called Subservience.

Currently in post-production, the film sees a “struggling father who purchases a domestic SIM to help care for his house and family, unaware she will gain awareness and turn deadly”.

Alongside Whipp, Subservience is going to star Megan Fox, Madeline Zima, Michele Morrone and Kate Nichols.

Whipp may be returning as Brian for the original Outlander drama but in the upcoming prequel, Blood Of My Blood, Jamie's dad is going to be portrayed by actor Jamie Roy.

Outlander is available to watch on Starz and MGM+ via Prime Video Channels.

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