Outlander star is totally unrecognisable in gripping new TV thriller

Stephen Walters as Angus Mhor
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Outlander's Stephen Walters is almost unrecognisable in a new TV thriller that debuted on Channel 5 over the weekend.

The Night Caller, which premiered on Sunday night, follows Tony (played by Robert Glenister), a cab driver who develops an unhealthy obsession with late-night radio presenter Lawrence (Sean Pertwee).

The thriller is halfway through, with two more episodes airing tonight (July 9) and tomorrow (July 10).

Stephen plays Rob, a fellow taxi driver and colleague of Tony's.

Known for his role as Angus Mhor in Outlander, where he sports long hair, a full beard and a traditional tam o' shanter hat, Stephen has adopted a completely different look for this new thriller.



In The Night Caller, he has opted for a short, smart haircut and has shaved off his beard, leaving only a thick moustache.

Speaking about his character to Channel 5, Stephen said: "Rob is an ex-military man, he served in Afghanistan and now works as a taxi driver, which is how he knows Tony."

He added: "We find out that Rob is a drug addict and possibly suffers from mental health issues too."

The four-part drama will conclude on Wednesday, July 10, with episodes dropping each night.

Fans will delve deeper into Rob's past relationship with Tony, as The Night Caller takes on heavy topics such as isolation and mental health struggles.

Stephen frankly discussed the profound personal resonance these themes hold for him, sharing: "Sadly, a friend of mine took his own life recently and I had no idea he was suffering or had mental health issues.

"He didn't seem lonely to me, but he was. So it's important the way this drama explores those areas the fragility of the human mindset and loneliness.

"Being lonely shouldn't be taboo and should be spoken about, I think it's getting better, but we still need to raise awareness of it, it shouldn't be anything to be embarrassed or ashamed about."

The Night Caller continues Tuesday, July 9 and concludes Wednesday, July 10 on Channel 5.