Outlast on Netflix winners: Where are they now?

seth lueker, paul preece, nick radner, angie esparza, outlast
Outlast on Netflix winners: Where are they now? Netflix

Outlast spoilers follow.

In Netflix's new survivalist competition show Outlast, 16 contestants attempt to outlast the harsh conditions of the Alaskan wilderness for the chance to win a life-changing $1 million cash prize.

Think Lord of the Flies meets Survivor, except our lone wolves have only one rule to follow: they must be part of a team in order to win.

Players can switch teams whenever they please (which turned out to be the perfect recipe for drama), and the only way out of the (literal) woods is for them to fire a flare into the sky and withdraw from the competition.

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In the end, it was Seth Lueker, Paul Preece and Nick Radner, aka Charlie Camp, who came out on top and took home the money ($333,000 each) – and they were willing to do whatever it took to get their hands on it.

"Me, Paul and Seth were all ready to die out there," Nick admitted in a recent interview with Tudum. "I’m dead serious. We were ready to die or get evacuated, because we would not go home or fire that gun."

But what have our winning trio been up to since the show finished?

Where is Seth Lueker now?

seth lueker, outlast

Former US Marine Seth admits that the first thing he did after winning Outlast was chow down on a ham sandwich, of all things.

"After we won, and they took our picture with the money, someone gave me a ham sandwich," he recalled. "That ham sandwich was all that was on my mind at that moment. That, and my family."

Seth hasn't been up to much since the show wrapped filming (that we currently know of), but he continues to live in Winchester, Virginia, with his family, and he recently hiked the Appalachian trail.

Seth has said that he learned most of his survival skills as a kid growing up on a farm in Virginia, including his "determination, levelheadedness, communication skills, and ability to improvise."

Where is Paul Preece now?

paul preece, outlast

Similarly, Paul lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, with his family, continuing his tradition of hunting and bringing home fresh meat for them to eat.

Paul frequently joins veterans on whitetail and bowhunting excursions, and he shares his passion for the outdoors by teaching young hunters every season.

Since the show's conclusion, the self-proclaimed expert hunter and fisherman has also launched his own podcast, The Horns. Paul is joined in the first episode by Seth, Nick, and Angie Kenai, as they catch up and reminisce about their time on the show.

Before venturing into the Alaskan wilderness, Paul admitted that his tough upbringing had prepared him for anything that might come his way.

"I've had a unique life, growing up in eastern Kentucky, that most people outside of very rural areas would struggle to deal with, from being homeless as a child to living in an old coal camp," he explained.

"Many nights, I went to bed hungry and cold growing up. I've been blessed that those days are left in my childhood, but equally blessed that they are forever etched into my DNA. I believe Alaska will throw everything she has at me, but I've been unknowingly preparing for this all my life."

Where is Nick Radner now?

nick radner, outlast

Florida-based teacher Nick continues to teach English Language at Palm Harbor University High, where he's also the school's wrestling coach.

He recently solo-climbed Mount Shasta and travelled through the Pacific Northwest, the Sierra Nevadas, the Rocky Mountains, and other areas of the United States.

Despite his win, Nick wasn't confident in his survival skills before going on the show.

"I’m actually not confident I can survive out there," he told Tudum. "Although I really look forward to the challenge of it, I'm not an idiot. Alaska is terrifying. It's killed men for thousands of years. Alaska is real. I can't wait to see it, though."

Outlast is available to stream now on Netflix.

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