Outrage over 25m 5G mast given permission despite fears over wildlife

A golf course is to get a 25 metre high telecommunications tower capable of handling 5G signals despite objections from neighbours.

It will replace a nearby mobile phone mast which will be demolished. Icon Tower Infrastructure Ltd has been given consent to build it on land at Baxenden and District Golf Club, in Wooley Lane, Accrington.

The Manchester-based firm has been granted permission by hyndburn-council>Hyndburn Council to build a shareable telecommunication base station installation. It will comprise of a 25m lattice tower supporting up to 12 antennas and up to four dishes on two headframes, together with one ground-based cabinet, one metre cabinet and ancillary development, including compound fencing and parking area.


An existing redundant Vodafone mast will be removed and the new installation will allow mobile network operators to consolidate their equipment on one tower.

The approval includes three conditions. The decision comes despite representations from nearby residents which include:

  • Concern over appearance and visual impact upon the countryside

  • Concern over capacity of Wooley Lane to accommodate vehicles delivering to site

  • Concern over potential to spread Japanese Knotweed

  • Concern over potential flood risk

  • Concern over potential to disturb wildlife, including potentially protected species such as bats

  • Concern over potential impact upon users of a nearby public footpath.

A planning officer’s report said: “The site is approx 30 metres to the west of the Baxenden Golf Club building, and is used presently as an informal car park. It is also approx 200m to the east of houses on Sherbourne Road.

“The site has a backdrop of self-seeded trees to the south and a public footpath/open fields to the north. Note that this is described as a ‘speculative’ mast in as much as it will only be erected if and when a telecoms operator needs the facility.

“The applicant isn’t a telecoms operator as such. The mast is designed to be able to accommodate the equipment of more than one operator, and the proposal is promoted as a potential replacement for a number of existing masts in the area. The agent has been made aware of the representations.

“The proposal was amended by submission of a revised drawing showing the mast an additional 20m away from housing to the west and in a location that doesn’t interfere with the route of the public footpath.

“The agent is aware of legal responsibilities in regard to Japanese knotweed and protected species.”