Over two million UK drivers told to 'act soon' over their driveways

Car buyers could be saving £1,500 when purchasing popular models due to a sales boom. The number of used cars sold in 2023 was up some 350,000 on the year before, according to new analysis - and car buyers could be saving over £1k on some models which are widely seen on UK roads.

A study from Motorway, the used-car marketplace, found 2.6 million Brits having a car sitting outside that they rarely use. And they've been told to consider flogging them soon - because an AA Cars study found the UK’s most sought-after used cars are around 10 per cent cheaper than last year and is still decreasing.

The asking price Qashqai is 9 per cent cheaper – down from £16,599 to £15,077 - and the average figure for a Fiesta is 13 per cent less – coming down from £11,247 to £9,752. The Volvo XC40 is down by 22.7 per cent – dropping from £39,526 to £30,570.

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The Renault Zoe is some 18.7 per cent cheaper – coming down from an average of £14,646 to £11,911. Motorway said: “The second-hand market - for EVs in particular - witnessed an unprecedented boost, nearly doubling sales to 119,000 units and marking a record for used EV transactions.

“This surge contributed to EVs capturing 1.6 per cent of the market share, a notable increase facilitated by the depreciation in used EV prices and the expanding availability of these vehicles.” The co-founder of Motorway, Alex Buttle, said of the findings: “For many people, their car is one of their most valuable assets.

“However, our research shows that too many car owners still don’t see their car as an asset and as such, are unaware of the value of their car or how it depreciates over time.” Drivers looking for new wheels could well be saving more than £1,500 on popular models as part of the net effect.