Owner 'legs it' after XL Bully killed woman's 14-year-old dog

A heartbroken dog owner says her pet was killed by a "XL Bully type" dog which grabbed the dog's neck and shook her. Gemma Krzesinska, 36, says she was walking her 14-year-old Lupine dog Toki when she walked past a man who was struggling to keep his dog under control.

She turned around and realised Toki’s lead had been ripped from her hand and the dog had her front leg in its mouth. One of Gemma's other dog's, Zeus, attempted to grab the "XL Bully type" animal but the dog bit him on the leg before grabbing Toki by the neck and shaking her, she says.

And she said as soon as the incident happened the owner "legged it". Gemma rushed Toki to the vets but she was so badly injured she had to be put to sleep.

She said: "I think the dog slipped out of its harness after it walked past us and then Toki was the first dog near it so it's just grabbed her. I just panicked and the adrenaline kicked in.

"My biggest worry was that my other dogs would be involved or get any other extra injuries and there was the risk of them biting the man. I just couldn't help her."

Gemma had to carry Toki home after the incident happened on the Bridgewater canal towpath in Leigh, Greater Manchester, on April 8. She then took the animal to the vets and she was put to sleep, which Gemma says was "the most horrendous day" of her life.

Gemma, who works in IT support, said: "I had to carry her home which wasn't easy because she's almost 30kg of dog but thankfully I wasn't too far from home. But they couldn't do anything apart from getting her stable and giving her pain medication but they just assessed the damage that had been done.

"It was just horrendous, I don't have kids so my dogs are my world. It was the most horrendous day of my life - it was awful."

Gemma says the man quickly fled the scene but was around 5ft 9in, had short light brown hair and some facial stubble. She added the dog was slightly shorter than a stereotypical XL Bully dog, but was a fawn colour with white markings.

Gemma, who owns five other dogs, said: "He just legged it - he dragged his dog away and just legged it. He clearly knew it was bad and he didn't want to take any responsibility for it.

"I do two walks every day with all the dogs and a lot of people know me in the area and say hi to the dogs. I think I've only ever seen him once before but it was last year in the summer, so he's clearly not out and about that often.

"You get used to the same people walking their dogs, because you see them on a daily basis. It's not like I even have an idea of where the owner was from or what regular route he takes or anything really."

Gemma is now scared to take her other dogs on a walk incase this happens again and says that her pets are now "much more nervous" while being out. She said: "Other than losing Toki, the biggest impact is that it's sucked the joy out of what was my escape and my freedom.

"I would always go out with the dogs and have a really nice time. My other dog Dax was with me when it happened and she is now much more anxious with other dogs now."

Gemma has now set up a Go Fund Me page, to help pay Toki's vet bills and pay for her cremation. She said: "It's for Toki's vet bills and her cremation and all of that kind of stuff.

"If she was one of the younger dogs, then they would have been able to fight back but she was dead gentle. She's done a lot with training more reactive dogs so she's spent her life with other dogs.

"Toki was quite often a dog's first friend after they got over their fear of other dogs and learnt that they aren't scary."

You can donate to Gemma's Go Fund Me page here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/toki-vet-and-memorial-fees-and-van-repair?cdn-cache=0

Greater Manchester Police has been contacted for a comment.