Ozzy Osbourne admits sometimes he 'doesn't love Sharon'

Ozzy Osbourne has admitted there have been times when he "doesn't love Sharon".

The notoriously wild singer revealed his 40-year marriage to Sharon hasn't been without ups and downs.

"Sharon is like my soulmate," he said on The Osbournes Podcast. "Sometimes I love her, sometimes I don't love her, sometimes I'm angry with her, sometimes I'm crazy about her, sometimes I'm very jealous of her, sometimes I wanna f**king kill her."

The Black Sabbath star added, "But through it all, at the end of the day, I love her more than anything in the world. Put it this way, I couldn't live without her, I don't wanna live without her. And my love for her now is bigger than it ever has been."

Sharon, who was sitting opposite Ozzy when he made the confession, agreed, saying, "Ditto."

The X-Factor judge recently revealed how Ozzy's four-year affair with hairdresser Michelle Pugh from 2012 to 2016 nearly split the couple up for good.

"He always, always had groupies and I was so used to that," she told Jane Moore during her Cut the C**p show in London over the weekend. "But when he knows the name of the person, where they live and where they work... it is a whole different thing as you are emotionally invested. I took, I don't know how many pills."

Ozzy, 75, and Sharon, 71, have been married since 1982. They have three children, Aimee, 40, Kelly, 39, and Jack, 38.