Ozzy Osbourne desperate to win Oscar!

Ozzy Osbourne is desperate to win an Oscar for his music.

The ailing Black Sabbath rocker, 75, who is battling Parkinson’s and pain caused by a string of back surgeries, made the admission on the latest episode of the SiriusXM series ‘Ozzy Speaks’ in which he reflected on what remaining dreams he was nurturing.

When asked by his co-host Billy Morrison: “Is there an achievement that you haven’t got yet that you would like?”, Ozzy replied: “Oscar.”

Grammy winner Ozzy is gearing up to receive his second induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist after Black Sabbath joined the organization in 2006, and thinks he could snag an Academy Award with a music hit.

Billy, 55, told him: “Well, you’ve got to be in a movie to do an Oscar.”

But Ozzy responded: “You asked me what award I haven’t gotten. No, Elton John got one for a song.”

But Ozzy said top of his list of priorities is his health and continuing to recover from a series of spinal operations related to injuries he sustained in a 2019 fall.

He added: “I’d like to do a gig without falling over now. (But) one surgeon (is) taking his time (giving me the all-clear to perform again.)”

Ozzy recently told Billboard about whether he will be able to take to the stage at October’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 2024 ceremony: “You never know.”

He added he felt “more than honoured” to receive his second induction, saying this time it feels “big” and “different” from being welcomed into the Rock Hall with his Black Sabbath bandmates.

Ozzy went on: “Because my solo career, it’s been a much larger part of my overall music career as a whole.”

Sharon told People about being overjoyed at her husband’s award: “Ozzy was inducted with Black Sabbath, and for him to get in as a solo artist will be a huge achievement for him and one that he really does deserve.”