Pachinko lands season 2 release date on Apple TV+

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Pachinko lands season 2 release date on Apple TV+Apple

Pachinko spoilers follow.

Pachinko season two has officially landed a release date on Apple TV+.

Based on Min Jin Lee's novel of the same name, the South Korean drama examines the ways in which one crucial choice can impact an entire generation in a bloodline.

It’s now been confirmed that season two will premiere with one episode on August 23, followed by weekly episodes on AppleTV+ that will run through until the finale on October 11 (via TVLine).

minha kim, inji jeong, pachinko

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It's sure to be welcome news for fans who have waited over two years for the second season, following the culmination of the first in April 2022.

The season one finale concluded with Sunja (Minha Kim) successfully selling kimchi in the market, before the camera zoomed up away from her into the sky.

Discussing the finale with Digital Spy, Pachinko boss Soo Hugh said that choosing the final scene was "the easiest thing to do", adding: "Because reading the book, I was like, 'Oh, that is the season one ending'."

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"For me, it was like, 'That was it'. Because it's such a triumph, right? Just watching her find her voice," she continued. "And higher and higher up – you still hear her. That came very, very quickly. A lot of other things didn’t, but that did."

The episode’s final moments also featured real-life interviews with Korean women who moved to Japan and stayed there after World War II, which Hugh said was "incredible" to be able to include.

"This book is a work of fiction. This show is a work of fiction. But it's built on the stories of people who actually lived these lives. You know, that first generation of Zainichi women, they're not going to be with us for that much longer," she explained.

"We really wanted to celebrate their lives. We wanted people to see their faces. We wanted to give them a voice, because they didn't have a voice for so long. And I think that seeing their faces – it was incredible."

Pachinko, based on the novel by Min Jin Lee, streams on Apple TV+.

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